I Drive Throttle Controller

iDRIVE is Australia's most advanced and highest selling throttle controller.  It reduces throttle lag, improves response and unleashes the power in your vehicle! The iDRIVE allows you to take real control of the throttle and use it at a setting that suits your driving style. Use it in ECO mode to reduce the accelerator response time. This is particularly useful when you're off-road and want more throttle control when crawling. Use it in Ultimate Mode, with 9 levels of sensitivity. Grab on to your steering wheel in Ultimate 9. Or use it in AC mode (Automatic Control), which detects automatically how you're wanting to drive, i.e., how hard you're on the pedal. If you accelerate gently, the iDRIVE will choose a lower level of throttle response. If you go hard, e.g., to overtake, the iDRIVE chooses a higher level of response. Automatic Control makes this the smartest throttle controller on the market.

iDrive Throttle Controller

iDrive Throttle Controller

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