4 stars - 24th September 2019

Functional and stable

Purchased primarily in for an upcoming long road trip, this rack has already aced two purposes, firstly to transport materials required to complete some house preparations ready for rental and then to be used to house our tent (home) for a year or so. To be perfectly honest, upfront I was not expecting much for what seemed like a cheap variant of what I began to look at some weeks back, but in reality it quickly became obvious that this rack system was going to be more than adequate for what was required. Let’s not forget that you really should not be driving with more than 100kg’s of weight on your roof anyway, but in a static situation it’s quite apparent that this thing will take more weight than what was originally expected. Delivery was swift, the couriers used were prompt, helpful and happy. The product was well packed, but I will say that you should be ready for a substantial amount of packaging to dispose/store/repurpose. The actual rack is well made, and by that I mean functionally well made, the welds are full penetration welds, fairly good quality with minimal pitting, the alloy seems adequate for the purpose, but most importantly to me, the powder coat is well applied, hard but not brittle and has good uniform covering. The actual alloy mesh seems a little on the weaker side, but again, perfectly adequate for its intention. The clamp kit is of equal quality, well pressed and surprisingly thick steel plates, with good application of powder coat. We in fact received 2 extra reach brackets and an extra clamp bracket for some reason. The punched holes were a little misaligned but the tolerance on the assembly allows for all to fit without trouble. All supplied fasteners were of a high grade stainless steel. And rubber protectors were of a high grade thick extruded nitrile by the looks of things. So plenty of protection to paintwork. Installation was easygoing, it took approximately 2 hours for a husband and wife team. We had watched the companies assembly video some nights before (which I highly recommend), but to be honest it’s fairly self explanatory when you get going. Hardest part for us was manoeuvring the assembly onto the roof, more so the awkwardness of the lift and not the weight. Overall the fit will be as good as you care to make it, this system is highly adaptable left right up and down etc. We fitted to a LandRover Discover 2. The smallest gap on this fitment is between the second legs of the rack back from the front and the original roof racks on our car is about 15mm which is absolutely fine. The rack is at its highest setting. The rack is low profile, looks super tuff and is fairly flat. There is a slight bow to the length from warpage during manufacture but this some how compliments the fitment. It is seriously solid! For us it is a very good result, more than happy with the product so far. Only time can prove longevity but from my experience of manufacture process, I envisage trouble free times ahead.



5 stars - 20th September 2019

Absolutely brilliant!

For starters, I ordered the roof rack late on Thursday night, received it Friday lunchtime. That is phenomenal. As for the roof rack itself, amazing build quality, strong, light, easy to install. Would absolutely recommend OCAM to anyone. Thanks OCAM