UHF CB Radios

UHF is a public two-way radio communication system and an extremely valuable tool, not only to stay in touch with your gang in the outdoors, but also to reach for help should you need it. Generally, it can be used over distances of 5-7 klms with good signal and up to 20klms in high landscape zones. The system is divided into 80 channels for various uses. It is wise to get familiar with UHF radio etiquette. 

OCAM is a certified seller of Oricom - a leading manufacturer of UHF CB Radios and Accessories with price, quality and performance at the forefront of its strategy. The Oricom range includes antennas and brackets to suit various vehicles, outdoor conditions and mounting requirements, with accessories to cover all your UHF CB Radio needs.


ANU230 Oricom UHF CB Antenna 6.5dBi Ground Independent
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ANU1200 Oricom UHF CB Antenna Combo 6.5dBi & 3dBi
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ANU220 Oricom UHF CB Antenna 6.5dBi Black
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DTX4200 Oricom Dual Receive Controller Speaker Mic
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DTX4300 Oricom Micro 80CH UHF CB Radio 5 Watt
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UHF5500-1 Oricom Handheld 5 WATT UHF CB Radio
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