Roadsafe HD Recovery Tow Points For Ford Ranger PX 2011-Current PAIR 4WD Rated

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Roadsafe HD Recovery Tow Points For Ford Ranger PX 2011-Current PAIR 4WD Rated

Click here to download installation guide for Ford Ranger PX

Offroad driving demands strong, reliable recovery tow points to cope with a huge variety of recovery situations. The purpose of a recovery tow point is to provide a safe and secure point from which to recover a stuck vehicle. There is much confusion amongst 4WDer's regarding tow points. Unfortunately, this has been exacerbated because many modern vehicles are fitted with generic tow points.  Generic tow points are not vehicle specific, and while rated to 10,000 lbs (4.5t) or similar, mounting them is often done by the vehicle owner, who is not in a position to ascertain whether the mounting location can handle the loads exerted during a recovery.

Depending on how and where these points are mounted, generic style tow points can be unsuitable for recovery situations, and have been seen to fail during recovery operations. Roadsafe Tow Points undergo considerable research and development. Roadsafe tow points are designed based on the actual vehicle, with CAD drawings and 3D printing for test fitting prototypes. This allows for any bugs to be ironed out prior to any actual manufactured prototype for vehicle fitment, destruction testing, and finally on-vehicle testing in 'real life' recovery situations. Roadsafe 4WD recommend fitting Roadsafe Tow Pionts as a matched pair, bolted to the Chassis, and used in conjunction with each other in all recovery situations with use of an Equalising Strap (Bridle).

An Equalising Bridle is designed to evenly distribute the load on the vehicle during the recovery operation when connected to the two recovery tow points. The Roadsafe Equalising Bridles are designed in 2.5m x 8000kg miniumum breaking strength, with a movable protective sleeve in the middle and black reinforced eyelet protectors.

Most Roadsafe Tow Points have been designed for use with a 4.7t Bow Shackle. When bolted to the chassis, the use of Roadsafe Tow Points, in conjunction with an Equalising Bridle attached with an adequately rated Bow Shackle, creates a safer vehicle attachment system for recovery situations. In order to encourage recommended use, Roadsafe have kits available including the tow points, bridle and shackles to suit. Setting up this system is straight forward, secure one eye of the Equalising bridle to one of the installed Roadsafe tow points, pass the other end through the eye on the end of the snatch strap intended for use during the recovery operation. Then, hook the second end of the Equalising bridle to the other installed Roadsafe tow point. Line the Equalising bridle up with the direction of pull intended and locate the protective sleeve on the Equalising bridle in the snatch strap eye.

All Roadsafe Tow Points have been destruction tested during development, to ensure they have the ability to cope with a variety of potential recovery situations.


Recovery of stuck vehicles can be dangerous. Always inspect the tow points and shackles before each use. Do not use if there are visible signs of damage or wear (including cracking or elongation). Do not exceed the working load limit of the shackle or tow points. Always stay a safe distance away from the recovery area - at least 1.5 times the length of the recovery strap. Incorrect use of recovery equipment can result in serious injury or death. Always ensure that adequate preparation for the recovery, to minimise the strain on either vehicle, has been undertaken i.e., digging etc. If you do not understand how to use this equipment safely or are uncomfortable with your abilities in the use of recovery equipment, please complete a course that specialises in four wheel driving and 4WD recovery.



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  • 2 x Tow Points
  • Hardware for standard fitment


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